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“We are quite simply a global company of brands,” says Suykens. It’s clear that P&G has not only been rediscovering the essence of its brands, but evolving the way it interacts with customers. “Did you know that in North America 15% of Pampers’ sales are now made via e-commerce, and that Amazon has become P&G’s second biggest customer? Families are encouraged to take a subscription to Pampers for their baby – this means that they get the right size delivered to their door, as the baby grows up, on an as needed basis.”

“In traditional markets consumers are getting older, and there are many more smaller families. Many are also now online, and that has meant thinking about new and different business models. As a company, we’re concentrating on our top categories and brands, and quite naturally too, we’re looking for opportunities in the emerging markets, especially as the middle classes in these regions establish themselves as an important buying force.”

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