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MINSTER fb are a consumer goods business development specialist, focused on achieving growth on Amazon

Building blocks for success


The first decision about listing any product with Amazon should be it’s profitability, for you as a supplier and Amazon. A deep dive into this issue is the first thing we do for any new supplier.

Inbound Replenishment

Amazon are a unique business to deal with and suppliers often struggle to work through their different ways of working, We provide end to end training to organisations to embed best practices with your supply chain team, resolve issues and give insight into how Amazon works. We can work through current processes to understand issues including chargebacks, Proof Of Delivery problems, Invoicing and reconciliation issues through to introducing you to Amazon preferred carriers to minimise friction on inbound.

Buy Box

Fundamental to success on Amazon is BuyBox ownership, We monitor daily and take steps to ensure your products are the ones available for the customer to purchase.


The key to successfully selling any product is a quality listing, The basics of titles, bullets and reviews are essential and our catalogue experts will ensure your products are optimised for selling It’s not just the words on the screen that are important, it’s the images and even video which can make a huge difference. Our in house videographer can work with you to design, create and load a range of content for your products.


In order to spike the Amazon algorithm promoting lines is essential, from marquee events to deal of the day or voucher promotions. We will plan the most effective spread of activity for your catalogue and budget


From AMS to AMG, DSP to AAP we’ve been involved with Amazon Marketing Services since they launched and have developed a unique methodology for providing insight at granular level for all campaigns. We’re an approved provider for Amazon Marketing service and heavily use their API for instant data analysis and campaign management.

How we work


Food and drink is our historical area of strength, but it soon became clear our knowledge and skills transfer across all Amazon's consumables business. From pets to beauty, healthcare, electronics and sports nutrition we've worked across all of them.

Our tools

Success on Amazon is about actioning the detail. There are a lot of people talking with great panache about the theory of how to work with Amazon - while this is happening you will find us accurately taking the thousands of small actions that are required to make it actually work. These actions are informed by our suite of tech which is a mix of tools, some of which have been conceived and developed internally and others that we have bought in from some of the incredible 3rd party solution providers who are investing ahead of the industry.


The UK is our core business but we run accounts all over Europe for our key vendors.

We are opening up the UAE and USA (with partners) for other vendors so can help you take your Amazon business global.

The personal touch

We often hear that ‘you can’t talk to Amazon’ but you can talk to us. We’re always at the end of the phone, Skype or one of our regular meetings to ensure you are getting what you need.
From quick support queries answered by email to strategic planning sessions or marketing reviews we will engage with all key people in your organisation to ensure they are getting the information and help they need.

our story

In 2011 James was invited by amazon to setup a UK service to help Amazon suppliers adapt to serve their unique e-commerce business platform.

James and Tim set off the next week to Seattle to meet agencies providing similar services in the more established US Amazon market. Amazons introductions and advice were pivotal for getting things moving initially.

Fast forward to 2019. The initial skill base of commercial customer marketing (James) and supply chain logistics (Tim) has been built upon many times. We wouldn’t recognise our 2011 offering any more as everything Amazon has moved on so far and so fast since those days. We have a strong base of suppliers many of which we started working with in 2011. Now with a strong (and growing!) team around us we have a proven process which maximises opportunity for sales with Amazon.


It’s brilliant to be able to showcase Grenade’s quality line of products, and their charismatic ambassadors. Ben Groves ( our in-house videographer ) and the lovely creative team at Grenade have been working hard on this video series for a while now, and it shows. We’re always looking forward to the next ones.

Defend BCAA with Hugh Hanley
Brand Store
Product Detail Page

50 Cal Product Video
Product Detail Page

50 Cal with Hugh Hanley
Brand Store
Product Detail Page

Carb Killa Shake with Marty Guilfoyle
Brand Store
Product Detail Page
Grenade Official Website

Meet the Team

James Murray

James is an experienced growth generator with extensive insight and commercial experience at several Key FMCG players. Deep in the detail James is constantly looking for the key to open up demand for your products on Amazon. Prior to MinsterFB James was 9 years at Muller Dairy as Head of Customer Marketing. Before that he worked for Boots, Gillette, and Smith & Nephew Beiersdorf in Marketing, Category and Retail Buying roles. James now brings his history in data-driven commercial environments to play in supporting and developing our Vendors' businesses with Amazon.

Tim O'Grady

Tim’s background in logistics and IT enables him to work closely with new suppliers to set up their Amazon infrastructure and to help those already supplying to work through any issues that may be causing frustration. Prior to MinsterFB he spent 14 years at Argos in key customer service and logistics roles giving a detailed insight into multi-channel retail, customer experience & fulfilment from a supplier’s perspective.

Ruth Murray

Ruth delivers advertising support through the various Amazon advertising platforms to help maximise discoverability, conversion and return on investment. An analytical FMCG and online marketer with 25 years brand building and comms experience at blue chip companies such as Expedia, Müller Dairy, United Biscuits and WHSmith, Ruth loves the clear accountability that these new platforms deliver.

Ladi Fagbola

Ladi works as a digital marketing executive, monitoring and implementing a range of Amazon paid ads for our clients. He has a history of teaching marketing at university level whilst he pursued his PhD in business and marketing. Prior to that, he worked in both agency and client side of digital marketing. ​

Erica Coulson

Erica Coulson is a Commercial Manager at MinsterFB with responsibility for our clients who trade in Europe. She is particularly skilled in monitoring sales performance across regions and troubleshooting issues. Having spent over 14 years at General Mills, Erica brings her experience as European Sourcing Manager, working latterly with Haagen-Dazs. She has been involved in numerous product launches, whilst at Safeway helping launch the ‘Fresh2Go’ concept. She now utilises these pragmatic planning skills to help our clients launch their NPD on Amazon.

Fi Thompson

Fi Thompson is a Commercial Manager at MinsterFB working with our UK clients to develop their presence on Amazon. Key to her role is her ability to understand clients' needs and priorities in order to maximise their catalogue listings and ensuring opportunities such as A+ and brand stores are realised. Prior to MinsterFB she has worked in a range of Partnership Manager and Account Management roles in the Food and Drink and Education sectors for companies such as Coca-Cola, Butchers Pet Care, Ryvita and Nottingham Trent University. National Account Manager experience working with the top four grocers means she is skilled in launching NPD and developing promotion and sales plans.

Helen Law

Helen’s rigorous understanding of Amazon’s catalogue systems and architecture underpins our crucial content management process. Helen came to MinsterFB from Vodafone where she was an Applications Support Specialist and has worked in the business since 2013. Amongst other things is our resident product variations expert. She turns what can be a headache into a brand builder.

Ben Groves

Ben is the in-house videographer at MinsterFB. He works with clients to create tailored product images and videos that are optimised for Amazon. In the past, Ben has aided in creating content for clients such as McDonalds, JD Sports, Argos, Budweiser and many more. He has extensive experience of the film, television and commercial industry and has been heavily involved in creative media production since his early teens.

Katie Lighten

Katie is an account executive working with our commercial, advertising and instock management team to manage our customers business on Amazon. Katie’s background in FMCG product development and management roles at Boots helps her to ensure Amazon product pages are created and maintained to the highest possible standard in order to drive traffic and conversions as well as enabling her to analyse and identify key activities and promotional calendars that impact and accelerate sales growth for our customers.

Angie Driver

Angie is an Account Executive, initially using her technical knowhow on our processes to ensure that we are delivering across catalogue, inbound, promotions, advertising and reporting in the best way possible. Angie brings her experience in IT training and love of systems to the role, enabling her to clarify and facilitate improvement in every area.

Usayd Latif

Usayd is the data analyst apprentice currently studying for a Bsc in Digital and Technology Solutions at NTU. Usayd provides new insights to grow and improve businesses. He creates reports by abstracting and analysing data, taking advantage of the rich data sources available to us.

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