Creating the
for success

Building Success with Amazon

At MinsterFB, we have a tried and tested approach to
growing your sales on Amazon.

It all starts with the foundations: making sure that
your business model and pricing strategy are
designed for long-term success.

Once those basics are in place, we’ll work with
you to make sure the process runs smoothly
from product supply to payment.

A process
you can trust

Optimising listings on Amazon

Our specialist catalogue team will advise you on the most
effective way to present your listings, whether you’re
introducing new products or promoting existing ones.

We follow best practice throughout the process,
optimising keywords, titles, selling points and images,
and enhancing your listings with prioritised
brand messages through A+, Brand Stories
and Brand Stores.

Together, these elements combine to deliver
great visibility and conversion rates for
your products.


Amazon Advertising for growth

With the foundations in place, the next step is to drive traffic
to your optimised listings through Amazon advertising.

We start with Sponsored Ads, a pay-per-click advertising
platform that directs shoppers straight to your product
listings. If you’re new to Amazon advertising, you
may be pleasantly surprised by the measurability
and cost-effectiveness of this approach.

Once we’ve established some performance
benchmarks, we’ll explore the potential role of
Amazon’s programmatic DSP advertising in your
growth strategy. This sophisticated tool can add
reach and precision targeting, while also
providing deep shopper insights via
Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)
clean room analytics.


Tailored Promotion on Amazon

With advertising driving traffic to your Amazon listings, your
Account Manager will put together a tailored promotional
plan designed to accelerate trial and growth even further,
testing and learning as we go.

Once we’re satisfied that we’re pulling all possible
levers for growth across your accounts, we’ll explore
other options, like new channels or international
expansion. We provide support in 16 markets
across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific
and the Middle East, and have all the expertise
required to adjust messaging as needed
to make sure your plan is fully optimised.


On track with Amazon analytics

Each month, we review progress with you, sharing
evaluation and analytics across all stages
of the process.

Our account management, content optimisation,
advertising and data analytics teams are all
involved, dealing with any changes and
challenges, and highlighting opportunities that
will continue to grow your sales on Amazon.


Many of our customers have worked with us for
years because they recognise it’s not just about
our technical expertise. It’s about our culture
– the drive to succeed on your behalf and
to do it in a way that ensures that
everyone’s happy.