amazon listings key terms

When you begin working on Amazon it can feel like learning a new language. Here’s our quick guide to the key Amazon terms that you need to know to manage your listings.

Icons representing the Amazon listings key terms discussed


A title should be between 60 and 120 characters.  The brand name of the item needs to be at the start and should also include the product name, the size of the product and the quantity the consumer will receive.  Words used in the title make a difference to how high or low in search results a product will appear.

Bullet Points

5-6 bullet points of 70-150 characters in length is the ideal number for each listing.  Any more than that will not be displayed without a click.  Keywords need to be included in the bullet points to ensure that your product ranks well for the customer searches you want to serve for.


This can be a useful place to add more detail about the product.  There is a 2000 character limit and there are restrictions on what can included eg awards and warranties.  This can appear in different places on the listing depending on whether there is A+ etc

Image Carousel

The image carousel can and should display 6 images and a video.  You are able to display more (up to 9), but this would require a click to view them.  Images are best at a high resolution (1600px+ on the longest side) which will make them zoomable. The main image must be zoomable.

Listing Video

Adding a video helps the A9 Algorithm give your listing higher search rankings.  The video needs to capture the viewer within the first couple of seconds and ideally no longer than a minute.  The file should not exceed 5GB.  Accepted file formats are .mp4 and .mov

A+ Content

A useful way to display more detailed product information and to introduce a broader range of products.  It’s one of the most effective ways to increase shopper trust, conversion rates and search rankings.